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Default One Piece: The Contest FFFFMM/MMF

It is story time again everyone. Thank you all for given me your support. I hope you continue to enjoy my stories as I have writing them.

Anyway, I had no plans of making another One Piece story, but this idea suddenly got into my head and I had to write it down. Plus, I have seen my other One Piece story is actually quite popular on the forums. This story is a sequel to "Enjoyable Punishment", but you do not need to read that story to understand what is happening. This story is also incredibly long. I have considered breaking it up into to smaller parts and slowly putting them on these forums as chapters, but I decided against doing that. If you want to skip the story elements and go straight to the 'good stuff', you are more than free to do it. For fans of the show, just think of this as an hour special. I attempted to keep everyone in character, so I hope you enjoy.

Without any further delay, please enjoy the story and as always, reviews are welcome.

Dinner time came quickly on the Thousand Sunny after the rest of the crew return. Sanji had once again made a wonderful meal, which the other Strawhats wasted no time in devouring, especially their captain. Luffy happily ate everything on his plate and about half of everyone else's. Robin noticed that their captain seemed even happier than usual, which was something since he was always overly happy.
“I see you are in high sprites this evening, Captain-san.” Robin smiled. Luffy stopped stuffing his face to answer.
“Yeah, I had a really fun afternoon.” Luffy smiled. Nami became noticeably stiff when she heard this. She knew exactly what he was talking about and was praying to any god that was listening that Luffy wouldn’t tell everyone that she had tickled the living daylights out him inside the woman cabin. Zoro, especially, would never let her live that down.
“Really, what you do?” Usopp asked innocently. Nami could hear her heartbeat in her ears.
“I explore all over town!” Luffy stated and ate a little more of his food. “They have some really nice food here.” Nami sighed in relief.
“I have to agree.” Sanji spoke as he finished his dish. “I was even able to get some new receipts.”
“Alright!!” Luffy yelled excitedly.
“It’s ashamed we’ll have to leave the day after tomorrow.” Chopper said.
“It cannot be help.” Zoro said as he also finished his dish. “The Log Pose set in a couple of days and we must be heading off to Mermaid Island.”
“And then, the New World!” Luffy shouted again. There were now stars shining his eyes. “I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll finally see Ace again.”
“Speaking of which, did you know there is a big contest tomorrow on this island.” Usopp suddenly spoke up.
Robin nodded. “Yes, I saw the banners in town. Apparently, it is a yearly festival to celebrate happiness.”
“What kind of town celebrates happiness?” Zoro asked, raising an eyebrow.
“In the years that this town first started, there were a string of bad weather, raids from pirates, and other hardships.” Robin explained. “After the town was fully establish, it was decided to hold an annual festival to remember only the happy times of the year.”
“Robin-chan is so smart.” Sanji said with hearts in his eyes.
Zoro rolled his eyes at the display. “Idiot.”
“How does this contest fit into all of this?” Nami questioned, getting back on subject.
“Oh, yeah, there’s this big contact that anyone can enter and the winner gets a big prize.” Usopp finished the explanation.
“So, what do you do to win this contest?” Franky asked, speaking for the first time.
“From what they said, it’s an endurance test.” Usopp said. “They lock you up in these stocks and let the whole town tickle you until you give. The last person left standing wins.” The was a deafly silences that spread among the crew.
“Wait a minute, you let the town tickle you!?” Franky asked in disbelief. “What kind of crazy contest is that?”
“They believe that tickling is the body’s natural way of showing happiness through someone’s touch.” Robin stated.
“Sounds absurd if you ask me.” Zoro muttered.
“Sounds like fun!” Luffy exclaimed. “All you had to do to win is not beg for mercy, right?”
“Don’t even think about it, Luffy.” Nami scolded. “We have to get ready for our journey to Mermaid Island, remember?”
“I remember what that guy said now.” Chopper spoke up. “The winner is suppose to get 200,000 belli.”
Nami’s eyes lit up in belli signs. “Luffy, I want you to enter that contest!” Everyone had sweats drops running down the back of their heads.
“Well, I never said I wanted to enter.” Luffy pouted. “What I meant was it would be fun to watch.”
“Yeah, but imagine how much fun I will have with 200,000 belli!” Nami shouted. “And since you use up most of our money with your ungodly appetite, you owe it to your crew to enter that contest.”
“But Nami.....” Luffy started.
“Oi, you will do what Nami-san says or you won’t be eating tomorrow.” Sanji threaten. Luffy sighed in defeat. Zoro snickered at his captain’s predicament.
“Zoro, you should enter too.” Nami suddenly said. “As first mate, it’s your job to make sure we have the best chance of winning.”
“WHAT!!?” Zoro yelled. “I’m not entering no stupid tickling contest!!”
Nami smiled wickedly at Zoro. “Much I bring up your debt again?” Zoro opened and closed his mouth several times before he gave up.
“There’s a special place in hell for people like you.” Zoro said angrily.
Nami smile. “Thank you.”
“Nami, since you want the money so bad, what don’t you enter.” Luffy suddenly said. A grin was plastered on his face.
“What!?” Nami exclaimed in surprise.
“It would give us a better chance to win if you entered as well.” Luffy said, still grinning.
Zoro also smiled at Luffy’s line of thinking. “Yeah, Nami. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of laughs.”
Nami blushed furiously. “I....I can’t enter.”
Luffy grin got even bigger. “Sure you can. It’s captain’s orders.” Nami’s mouth practically dropped when she heard this.
“If it is Captain-san's orders, you cannot decline.” Robin smiled, enjoying the conversation.
Chopper smiled. “You’re so lucky, Nami.”
Nami shook angrily. “I’m not entering!”
“But, Strawhat ordered you to.” Franky point out. “You can’t go around disobeying the captain.”
Usopp nodded. “Yeah, Nami. You’ll just have to bear with it.” Nami looked like she was going to protest again, but eventually gave up. Even Sanji couldn’t help her out of this one.
“Then, we better rest up for tomorrow.” Zoro sighed. It was going be a long day.

The Next Day:
The entire town was decorated in many bright cheerful colors. The streets had ribbons of red, yellow, and orange all over the place. The vendors had stalls full of all types of food and drinks. People crowded the streets to get in line or play some of the carnival’s game. The Strawhats had arrival early to register for the contest.
“This place is so cool!!” Luffy yelled, his eyes were completely lit up.
“There is so many bright colors.” Chopper said with the same awe.
Robin nodded and smile. “There suppose to be happy colors.”
“Well, I’m not happy.” Zoro muttered grumpily.
“What’s the matter, Marimo?” Sanji teased. “You can’t take a little tickle?”
Zoro face turned red. “Mind your own damn business, Ero-Cook!!”
Sanji turned angrily to face him. “Said that again, Marimo!”
“Now, now, is that anyway to act on a festival of happiness.” Franky said as he laughed at their childish behavior.
Nami sighed. “Let get this over with.” The small group of pirates made their way to the registerer table. There was a pretty big line when they got there.
“All these people are here to enter this contest?” Usopp said in surprise. “I didn’t know it was this popular.”
“From what I heard, it is the highlight of the festival.” Robin said. “ A lot of citizens and even tourist enters this contest every year.”
“Tourist actually comes here to get tickle?” Franky asked as he shook his head. “There’re some strange people in the world.”
“Perhaps they come for the prize money, like Nami.” Chopper stated. They finally reached the front of the line where an old man sat at the nearby table.
“How many in your group are entering?” He asked kindly.
“Three.” Nami answer. “Myself and these two.” She pointed to Zoro and Luffy.
“Names?” He asked.
“I’m Nami, the one with the mean look is Zoro, and the one with the hat is Luffy.” Nami said, hoping they wouldn’t be recognize. The entire crew, after all, was worth well over 500,000,000 belli.
“Fill this out, please.” He said as he gave them three sheets of paper.
“What’s this?” Nami asked as she looked over the sheet.
“Just information we will need for the contest.” He smiled. The group walked away from the line as Nami looked over the sheets.
“I don’t believe this?” Nami muttered.
“What wrong, Nami-san?” Sanji asked, not happy with seeing Nami upset.
“Read this.” Nami said as she handed both Zoro and Luffy their sheets. Zoro’s eyes widen when he read it.
“On a scale of one to ten, what is your worst spot!?” Zoro almost yelled. “What's this all about!?” On the sheet were: neck, armpits, ribs, stomach, thighs, knees, and feet.
“Kind of personal, isn’t” Franky observed as he looked over the list. “They even what to know if you posses a Devil Fruit.”
“I assume they want to know what spots are more sensitive so you will not have an unfair advantage if someone’s worst spot is found sooner then yours.” Robin stated. “The Devil Fruit is fairly obvious.”
Usopp whistled. “These guys really do take this seriously. I’m glad I’m not entering.”
“It can be arrange.” Nami said in a deadly voice.
“I’m finished.” Luffy suddenly said. Usopp took a glance over at his sheet.
“Are you serious?” Usopp asked in disbelief. On Luffy’s sheet of paper, he had marked down 8s, 9s, and 10s for all the categories. Sanji also took a look at the paper.
“I know you were ticklish, but I never guess you were this bad.” Sanji said in awe, his one reveal eye opened wide. Nami almost smile at the comment. She knew for a fact that he really was that sensitive.
Luffy shrugged. “Yeah, it’s no big deal.”
“Can you really take being tickle for long?” Chopper asked. His eyes were wide.
Luffy began to chuckle. “Yeah, I’ll definitely win.”
“I’m finished.” Zoro muttered as he turned over his paper.
“So, what you rate yourself, Marimo?” Sanji asked.
“Like I’ll tell you.” Zoro countered angrily.
Sanji shrugged casually. “Fine. I’m going to find out anyway.” Zoro’s face turned a deep red.
“Come on, lets turn these in.” Nami ordered once she finished her own sheet. They walked back towards the registerer and quickly handed in their sheets. The old man took the sheets and handed them to a young man who was standing next to him.
“Follow me, please.” The young man said.
“Where are we going?” Nami asked nervously.
“Just part of the rules, miss.” The man said with a friendly smile. “Nothing to worry about.” Luffy, Zoro, and Nami looked at each other.
“Yosh, lets go then!” Luffy declared as he followed the man. Zoro followed shortly behind him.
“I guess we’ll meet you guys later.” Nami sighed.
Robin nodded warmly. “We will meet you by the food court.” Nami quickly caught up with Luffy and Zoro as they were being lead to several tents. They were force to wait behind several people.
“Please wait until your names are called.” The young man said as he went ahead of them and handed yet another man their sheets. That man quickly took them inside one of the tents. The young man that had lead them there walked back to the registerer’s table.
“What are they doing?” Nami asked in confusing.
“Who knows anything about this silly contest.” Zoro said. As they waited in line again, they heard several screams of laughter coming from all of the tents. This shock Luffy, Zoro, and Nami.
“What, I thought the contest didn’t start until one!” Zoro yelled.
Nami’s eyes were widen in shock. “I.....I thought so too.”
“Maybe they decided to start early.” Luffy suggested.
“You guys are new here, huh?” A woman in front of them smiled.
“You know what’s going on?” Nami asked.
The woman nodded. “This is just the preliminary.”
“Preliminary!?” Nami all but yelled. “We were never told about any preliminary!”
“Oh, but we need a preliminary round.” The woman said. “Too many people enter to have just the main contest.”
“Figures.” Zoro muttered.
“Are the preliminary tough?” Nami asked in fear.
The woman nodded. “Yeah, you have to take being tickle for over thirty minutes without begging. This is my third year entering and I never made it pass the preliminary.”
“Thirty minutes!?” Nami paled. “I’ll......I’ll die.”
“You will have to be able to last much longer than that to win the main contest.” The woman pointed out. “One year, the contest lasted for over five hours.”
“Five hours!? What freak took being tickle for over five hours!?” Nami did yelled this time.
“I don’t know.” The woman defended. “That was over twenty years ago, anyway.”
“Unbelievable.” Nami said, rubbing her forehead.
“You’re the one who wanted to enter this little contest.” Zoro said. “You shouldn’t complain now.”
“I didn’t want to enter!” Nami yelled as she pointed towards her captain. “This idiot made me, remember!?”
Luffy grinned then laughed. “Don’t worry, Nami. Thirty minutes is nothing.”
“That is easy for a freak like you to say!” Nami continue to yell.
“Just think of the prize money if you’re so worry about it.” Zoro said with some irritation. Nami calmed down greatly after hearing this.
“Yeah, you’re right.” Nami said. “200,000 belli is worth any pain.”
“That’s the sprite!” Luffy cheered. They waited in line for almost an hour before they turns were next.
“Okay, Luffy, you’re in tent three.” A man said with a clipboard.
“Yosh!” Luffy yelled as he quickly walked towards the tent that the man was pointing to.
“Zoro, you’re in tent six.” The main read the list. Zoro nodded and quietly went towards his tent.
“Nami, you have tent two.” The man said.
“Okay.” Nami said as she nervously walked to the tent.

Tent 3: Luffy made his way into the blue tent. The inside had two women waiting for him. One of the ladies had on a revealing two part outfit that was orange in color with brown sandals that had high straps. It reminded Luffy of an outfit he had seen Nami where. From what he could see, she was nicely tan and had red lipstick on. She looked to be as tall as Robin.
Her partner was about the same height, but she wore a more conservative outfit which was a light red. She wore brown boots and had pink lipstick.
Next to them was a large wooden structure. It looked like a long table with stock foot holes at the end of them. The holes were fairly close to each other and had a large pad lock at the end of one of them. The other end of the table structure had a long and fairly wide piece of vertical wood sticking from the table with two straps tied above it.
“Ah, our next victim is here.” One of the women cooed.
Luffy smiled. “Hi, I’m Luffy.”
“The friendly type.” The other woman smiled. “Well, I’m Alex and she’s Laura. We are your testers for the preliminary.”
“I’m ready whenever you are.” Luffy smiled confidently.
"Well, we better get started then.” Laura said. “Please take a sit.” Luffy walked over to the table and sat down. He instinctually lend back against the pole. Laura quickly adjective the stocks to Luffy’s height and locked both of his ankles inside each hole. She then locked the stock, trapping him. Alex came up to the front to where Luffy was sitting.
“Can you please lift both your hands above your head?” Alex asked. Luffy did what he was told and lifted his arms until he was touching the straps above him. Alex trapped both his hands into separate a cuff. Within moments of doing this, Luffy felt his strength leave him. Like he was dump into the ocean.
“Sorry about the sea stone.” Alex quickly said when she noticed Luffy’s weaken state. “But it’s the only safe way to control Devil Fruit users.”
Luffy smiled weakly. “It’s okay.”
“Now, lets see what we got.” Laura said as she looked through Luffy’s sheet. She blinked a couple times in surprise. “My, are you sensitive.” Laura said in awe. “I wonder if you’ll last long at all being this ticklish.”
“At least it will be fun for us.” Alex smiled. Laura nodded as she walked over to Luffy’s defenseless feet. She gently removed both of his sandals and placed both of them on the floor. She then pulled up a stool that was next to the stocks and took a seat right in the front of Luffy’s feet.
“Then, let the preliminary begin!” Laura exclaimed as she immediately attacked Luffy’s feet. Alex also wasted no time running her nails through his armpits. Luffy immediately burst into a high pitch laughter from the double attack. Luffy never had more than one person tickle him before and this was the first time he was truly restraint. The sea stone handcuffs took away most of his strength and he could no longer break free if he wanted to.
Alex drummed her figure mercilessly up and down his armpits, enjoying the smooth feel of them. His Devil Fruit powers gave his skin a smooth and soft texture feel, which made it easier for her to slid her figures across them. She dug her nails deeper into the flesh and smiled when she heard him squeal from the contact. Alex went faster and more ruthlessly. She eventually found, like Nami before her, that the center of his armpits were his worst spot. Alex began to focus exclusively at that spot, sending him into tears.
Laura was also showing no mercy as she played with each of Luffy’s toes. She sowed her nails in-between them and teased the flesh that was not used to being touch. She then scratch her nails across the balls of his feet, while her other hand squeeze the back of his kneecaps several times. Luffy laughed even harder as he bulked helplessly in the stocks. Having a theory about Luffy, Laura stopped her tickling and reached down to grab something. She quickly got back up and began to run a long slender feather across his toes. Luffy’s laughter went up again from this new stimulant.
“Well, what do you know. You’re feather ticklish.” Laura said in awe. “I haven’t seen that in years.” She began to tease in-between the toes and then began to sow the feather back and forward.
Luffy was in absolute ticklish agony. He had never been tickle to this extent. Even Nami wasn’t this cruel when she tickled him yesterday. Luffy, however, was still greatly enjoying himself. The feather that was now tickling his feet was definitely different, but he enjoyed it all the same. He especially liked when Laura ran the feather across his toes. He would had to suggest Nami to do that the next time she punish him.
Alex caught Luffy’s attention again when she began to tickle his ribs at the same time as his armpits. She squeezed along the ribcage earning squeals and grasps from the younger boy. She then began to dig her nails into the soft skin and ran them up and down the lower part of his ribs. While she was doing this, she never stopped tickling his armpits. She tickle the center of them even harder, causing him to lean from one side to another in a vain attempt to escape the torture.
“You are indeed the most sensitive man I’ve ever played with.” Alex teased, whispering into his ear. “I honestly don’t think you will last much longer.” Luffy was far too busy laughing to answer back. She stopped tickling his armpits and attacked both side of his ribs. She found the lower ribs to be the most sensitive, so she focus completely on them, playing them like a violin.
Meanwhile, Laura had changed tactics with the feather and was now using it to glide up and down the soles of his feet. She went from the soft balls of his feet, down the tender arch, to the slightly rough bottom of his heel and started back up again. She did this slow at first, but she gradually picked up her speed with every pass. She switch between each foot evenly, making sure one was not left out. Luffy’s toes would fan out every time a pass was complete before curling back up when she started the cycle again. Taking note of this, she grabbed another feather, all without stopping, and ran the feather across his toes every time they fan out. She did this over and over again without a bit of mercy, driving Luffy absolutely nuts as he rocked back and forwards in the stocks.
Luffy was a giggling mess from the two vicious assaults. He pulled on the bonds that held his hands up, but the sea stone handcuffs made it impossible to escape. He could do nothing as these two girls tickled his helpless body. Tears freely fall down his eyes as he struggle to keep his breath. Alex had moved down to his stomach, one of his worst spots, and was squeezing all long it. Laura had also unknowingly brushed the feather several times against his secret spot. The pure sensation he felt every time that feather touch him there was almost too much for him to bear. A part of him was grateful that Laura never realized what she had found. Strangely, however, another part of him wished that her feather would focus more of that spot in his arch. Luffy never did figure out if he liked or hated being touch there. It was a bizarre combination of the two.
After what felted like an eternity of him laughing and squirming, the tickling suddenly stopped. Alex looked at the hourglass in the corner of the room in surprise.
“Well, what do you know? He made it.” Alex said in awe. “I thought for sure he would break in ten minutes.” Even though the tickling had stopped, it took Luffy a full five minutes to stop giggling. When he had finally calmed down, he looked up to face the two young ladies.
“Congratulation, you’re officially in the contest.” Laura praised as she unlocked the stocks. Alex did the same with his hands and within minutes, he was free. Luffy stood up slowly as Laura handed back both of his sandals.
“Remember, be at the main square at 12:30.” Alex said as she handed him a red ticket, which he gratefully took. “If you’re late, you will disqualified.”
Luffy smiled. “Thanks, I don’t plan to be late.” He put his sandals back on and walked out of the tent. That was actually quite enjoyable. He hope the contest would be even better. Getting a bunch of money for something you liked was a real treat. He just wish that it wasn’t done in front of everyone. Luffy enjoyed the more personal tickling over a group of people watching him.
“I wonder if Nami and Zoro are finished with their preliminaries?” Luffy asked himself as he went to meet up with the rest of his crew.

Tent 6: Zoro muttered disgruntle as he entered the giant yellow tent. How did he allowed himself to be put into these type of situations? Nami was definitely going to burn in hell for this.
“Well, the next contestant is here.” A young lady with a red mini skirt and top said. She had long back hair and greenish eyes.
“He doesn’t seem too happy though.” Another lady said. She was wearing a dark yellow top and blue jeans. She appeared a little order than the first girl and had short red hair. The same as that evil woman, Nami.
“Hey, did you lose a bet and have to come here?” The first lady asked.
“You could say that.” Zoro answered.
The second lady shook her head. If you don’t want to be here, you can go. This is the Festival of Happiness and you can’t be happy if you do not want to be here.”
A small smile appeared on Zoro’s stone face. “No. I made a commitment and for better or worst, I attend to fulfill it.”
The second woman smiled. “Then, my name is Tera and this is my partner, Nichol. We are your tester for the preliminary.”
Zoro nodded. “My name is Zoro.”
Nichol smiled. “Please stand over here.” Both Tera and Nichol moved apart from each other and revealed a long wide pole was behind them. The pole was about ten feet tall with a long, wide piece of wood nailed at the top of it, which stuck out only a few inches from the base. This held a long metal chain complete with handcuffs attached at the end. Zoro looked at the floor below this strange device and saw shackles in the floor.
“Have you lost your nerve?” Tera teased. Zoro snarled a little and walked up to the pole. He leaned against it and waited.
“Please remove your shirt.” Nichol suddenly said.
Zoro’s eyes widen when he heard this. “What........why?”
Nichol winked at him. “Make it easier.” Zoro grumbled again about what he was getting into and remove his shirt and toss it to the floor next to him.
“Your swords too, sir.” Tera said, pointing to the three swords around his waist. Zoro said nothing this time and put his three trusty swords gently next to his shirt.
“Please lift your arm up.” Tera gently ordered. Zoro did what he was told again and both his arms where shackled over his head. While Tera was doing this, Nichol was shackling both his ankles to the floor. Within moments, his entire body was completely exposed. He felt the chains that held his arms up being crank so his arm lifted even further up. Once this was done, his body was completely standing straight. Zoro felted very nervous now.
“According to your sheet, your upper body is the most sensitive.” Nichol noted. “Well, this should prove to be interesting.” Both Nichol and Tera got on either side of Zoro as they prepared.
“Let the preliminary begin!” Nichol exclaimed. As she began to gently run her figures up and down the left side of Zoro’s ribs. She made spider like crawls up the middle his ribs down to the lower ribs.
Tera, meanwhile, was dancing her fingers on the right side of Zoro’s ribcage and she gently scratched the rough surface of his skin. Zoro’s skin was rough and as tough as sand paper. There was hardly any smoothness at all, but that did not stop the two girls from running their figures through it, looking for the most sensitive spot.
Zoro was trying to keep his cool though the whole thing, but a few snickers did escape through his lips when the middle of his ribs were touch. He hadn’t been tickled since he was a little kid and even then he usually knocked out the person who dared touch him. It would seem that all his years of training had not desensitize him as much as he thought. He was finding it increasingly difficult to control himself.
A loud grasped suddenly escaped his mouth when Nichol suddenly pinched one of his ribs.
“I thought as much.” Nichol teased. “You need a rough touch.” She then began to pinch each of his ribs with one hand and tickle the area in-between them with the other.
Not to be outdone, Tera began to roughly dig her figures into the area just below the ribcage and rubbed mercilessly on that spot.
Between these two attacks, Zoro could no longer control his laughter. His laugh was rough and deep, but it was sweet all at the same time. He tried several times to get himself under control, but all attempts proved to be futile. The fact that he could no longer defend himself also seemed to make him more sensitive than he should be.
Not letting up, Nichol continued to pinch his ribs and moved up to tickle his armpits. Zoro’s laugher noticeably went up when she did this and she took it as a sign to tickle his armpits even harder. She had to continually use very rough touches that would had hurt an ordinary man in order to get the desire reaction out of him.
Tera took the opposite route and began to tickle his stomach area. Within moments of doing this, she found that his ribs and stomach were about even in sensitivity since Zoro’s laughter neither went up or down. She alternative evenly between the two areas. She would roughly tickle each of his ribs individually and then plow her figures into his muscular stomach, keeping him guessing. This tactic did have an effect on Zoro and he began to struggle even more.
After over ten minutes of these types of attacks, Tera decided to try something new. She stopped her torture for a moment and went over to a large box to grab something. When she came back, she was wearing a black leather glove on one hand that had several long metal claws at the end of each figure. There were each about 4 inches in height.
Zoro was still laughing from Nichol continence tickle attacks that he did not see the new toy. He felt it right away, however, when Tera used it to scratch along his ribs cage and over his stomach. This new stimulant sent Zoro’s laughter into a new height of hysteria.
Unlike most people, Zoro’s laughter did not get higher as the tickling continued. In fact, his laughter actually became lower to the points of growls when he really lost control. It was a little strange, but cute nonetheless, as Tera continued to use the claws to scratch up and down his ribs and stomach. Tera noticed that the his chest was particular sensible to this new weapon and began to focus on that area.
Zoro was now squirming helplessly in his bonds. He tried to pull down the metal chains that held his wrist up, but the way that the girls had tighten the chain to hold him up made it impossible for him to get the slack needed to break free. It was also impossible to get his feet free since they were both firmly locked to their respective chains. These girls that were finding all his most delicate spots were driven him crazy. With every second that pass he was driven even deeper into the agony. This was all Nami’s fault.
Growing jealous of Tera’s new toy, Nichol stopped her own tickling and went into the box to get her own. She got a long wooden back scratcher and quickly went back to Zoro’s side. She used the back scratcher on his armpits, earning a long low growl from him. She then began running her fingers down his waist. This cause Zoro to immediately to jump and pull his body away from her. Seeing his reaction, she tickled even hard at that area.
This cycle of torture went on until an oven timer suddenly went off. With their time up they immediately stopped. Zoro hung limply against his bonds. He had sweat caked over his body like he had been training all day. He also noticed with some annoyance that his skin was now a light pink from the heavy touching.
“Congratulation, you passed the preliminary.” Tera praised as she unlocked his wrists from their shackles.
“You’re one tough guy.” Nichol added as she freed his ankles. When Zoro was completely unlocked, he nearly fell forward, but he manage to catch himself.
“Here is the ticket you’ll need for the contest.” Tera said as she handed Zoro a red ticket. “Be on the main fair grounds by 12:30.” Zoro nodded silently as he put his shirt back on and refasten his swords back onto his waist before he finally left the tent.
He thought the experience was absolutely terrible. He had never been tickled to that extent for any length of time and he would have to bear with it for even longer for this stupid contest. He was going to be the Strongest Swordman in the World, dammit, and great swordmen didn’t go around entering tickling contests. This was all that evil witch, Nami, fault. The only consolation he got from all this was that was that Nami was getting hers. Zoro smirked at that evil thought.

Tent 2: Nami walked nervously into her tent. She was not happy at all about this arrangement. Who would had thought they were be a preliminary for a freaking tickling contest. The only thing that kept her from breaking this deal was the lure of 200,000 belli.
Thirty minutes, can I really take being tickle for that long?” Nami wondered to herself.
“Well, aren’t you a cute young thing.” A man’s voice said, breaking her out of thoughts. The young man had a handsome face and nice lean, muscular built. His hair was in a loose ponytail in his back and he wore a short sleeved shirt.
“Hello, I’m Tom.” He said as he pointed to another man in the room. “And this is my fellow tester, Louis.” He had a bigger built than Tom, but he was a good three inches shorter. He wore a light green t-shirt with black jeans. His hair was cut short and was messy on top of his head.
“Hello, miss.” Louis said politely.
“Hi, I’m Nami.” She said with a nervous smile.
Tom began to laugh heartily. “No need to be so nervous. It’s not like we are going to boil you alive or anything.” Nami smiled weakly a little at the comment.
“Just relax and have a seat.” Louis said as he pointed to a wooden chair that was on the far side of the room. The chair had straps on the armrest and a pair of stocks stood at the front of the it. Nami’s heart beat a little faster as she made her way to the chair. She sat down slowly and allowed Louis to strap down both of her wrist to the armrest.
“Please put you feet up, miss.” Tom asked politely as he raised the stocks. Nami slowly raised her feet up and slid them into the wooden stocks. Shortly after she did this, they were close around her ankles and locked in place. She was now officially trap, much to her horror.
“Lets see.” Louis said as he checked his sheet. “Only a select few ticklish area, but the areas that are ticklish are up there.”
“We should get started then.” Tom said as he took his place at Nami’s legs. Louis took a stool out and place it at the front of Nami’s feet. He slowly took his seat. He then carefully removed Nami’s high top sandals and place them on the floor next to him.
“Ready.” Louis said when he finished with the preparations.
Tom nodded. “The preliminary begins, now!” He yelled as he place his strong hands on Nami’s thighs and began to squeeze them gently. This earned him an immediate giggle from Nami, which caused him to redouble his efforts. One hand continued to squeezed her soft thighs while the other hand tickled the back of her knees. Her skin was nice and smooth, obviously she took very good care of herself.
Louis started his tickling by running a single figure up and down the soles of her feet. They were completely soft without a bit of callousness, despite all the running she had been doing all her life from being a thief and currently a pirate. Nami’s giggled increased twofold when Louis started his light strokes. He ran the figure all over her soles, before pulling out a feather and testing her feet with it. It was clear, however, from her decrease laughter that Nami was not really feather ticklish despite the softness of her feet. So, he switch the feather around to the stiff end and ran it several times across her feet. Nami immediately burst into laughter when he did this. Apparently, Nami needed a more firmer touch to really get her going.
Nami was completely surprise by how ticklish she was. She hadn’t been tickled since after Bellemere was killed. Working under Arlong and being a thief for all those years gave her no opportunities to allow anyone to touch her like this. It would seem that she was just as ticklish now as she was eight years ago. She was only ticklish in a few select places, but these strangers knew exactly where those soft spots were. She could only laughed and buckled helplessly in the chair. She was completely at their mercy.
Tom was now squeezing both her thighs at the same time, earning even louder squeal from Nami. She actually started to lean forward in the chair as she laughed. He mercilessly squeeze the inside her thighs for several more minutes before using both his hand to tickle the back of her kneecaps. She squirm even more when he started to do this. Her legs were now bent in a desperate attempt to escape the torture.
Louis had switch from a feather to a stiff toothbrush. Before he used it, however, he washed soapy water all over the bottom of her feet until there was a nice leather over them. He then used the brush to scrubbed all over her feet. He focus a great deal on the balls of her feet, since that seemed to be her most sensitive spot. Nami nearly died when Louis started this new torture. The brush was absolutely driving her crazy and there was nothing she could do to stop it.
Between the two ticklers, Nami was nearly bouncing up and down in her chair. She wanted it to stop. She simply couldn’t take this kind of torture. Nami was at the edge of begging for mercy, but two things stopped her. One was, of course, the 200,000 belli grand prize. Even though she was fairly certain that Luffy and Zoro had both passed their preliminaries, the lure of all that money kept her from given up. Plus, she would never hear the end of it from Zoro if she allowed herself to give up during the preliminary. So, it was her greed for money and her pride that kept her from begging.
Tom had changed his tactic yet again and was now digging a finger into her bellybutton as well as tickling her knees. Although her bellybutton was not nearly as ticklish as Luffy’s, it still had the desire effect, causing her to nearly arch off the chair. Combine with the tickling still behind her knees, made this new sensation nearly unbearable.
“Are you ready to give?” Tom asked as he tickled these areas even harder. Even if Nami wanted to, she couldn’t get the air to speak at that moment.
Determine to make her beg, Louis speeded up his scrubbing. He was now using two brushes, one to tickle the balls of feet and the other to scrub between her toes. The soap that still covered her feet made them very slippery, making it easy for the brushes to move back and forward. Nami squirmed even harder, but their was no escape. Louis found a particular nice spot between where the balls of her feet mat the arch and began to focus on that area. Nami melted under this new stimulant.
Nami’s face was now beat read and were tears running down her area. She made several futile attempts to free her arms from the armrest, but she was too firmly strapped down. She never felt so helpless in her life. Even under Arlong rule, she still have some freedom, unlike now. The scrubbing at her feet was terrible. The tickling at her knees and bellybutton took a very close second. Soon, her body went limp and all she do was laugh. She could no longer fight and she allow her body to take each torturous stroke.
After spending an eternal in this ticklish haze of misery, it all stopped. Nami grasp for breath as she still giggled from the tingling sensation that still could be felt throughout her body. It took her a full five minutes for her to fully recover. She opened her blurry eyes and looked at her one time tormenters.
“Congratulation, you made it.” Louis said in approval as he washed the soap off her feet. Tom also walked up in front of her and started to undo the straps. It took him a few minutes to fully free her. Once Louis had finished cleaning her feet, he unlocked the stocks. Nami was still breathing somewhat hard as Louis handed back her sandals.
“You’re to the report to the fair ground at 12:30.” Tom said as he handed Nami her ticket, which she quickly took. She slowly put back on her high top sandals and walked out of the tent. Her feet were still tingling.
It was hard to believe that she made it pass the preliminary. She had literally taken thirty straight minutes of nonstop tickling. She wondered how she did. In either case, she was in the contest. Although, she honestly didn’t think she could take the whole town tickling her.

At the Food Court: “So, what do you think they wanted with Luffy and the others.” Chopper asked as he licked his ice-cream that Robin was nice enough to treat everyone to.
“Yeah, they just off and dragged them somewhere.” Franky said as he sipped his Root Beer Float.
“Who knows anything.” Usopp said, chewing on his cone. “This entire contest is just strange. They could be doing warm ups as far as we know.”
“Warm up?” Chopper asked.
“You know, getting them ready for the contest by tickling them to utter submission.” Usopp said.
Chopper’s eyes widen. “That sounds terrible.”
“It is highly possible.” Robin said casually, drinking her cup of coffee. “They do take this contest very seriously.”
Sanji was enjoying a cigarette when he spoke. “I would love to see the look on that Marimo’s face as he's being tickled.” He grinned evilly.
“This is entire place is weird.” Franky concluded.
“Hey, MINNA!!” Luffy screamed as he ran towards the group.
“Luffy, you’re back!” Chopper yelled happily. Luffy quickly made it to the group.
“Hey, this place is great!” Luffy said happily. He was holding two large turkey’s legs in both hands.
“Well, I see you’ve been busy.” Sanji said as he blew up some smoke.
“Yeah, the meat here is delicious.” Luffy said happily. “I hope you got the recipe for these, Sanji.” Sanji smiled and nodded.
“So, what did they wanted with you guys?” Franky finally asked.
Luffy was beginning to chew on his turkey again. “What?”
“Where did they take you after you left us?” Usopp repeated.
“Oh, that.” Luffy said as he shallow. “We have to go through some preliminary before we were allow to enter the contest.”
“Preliminary!?” Usopp grasped in shock. “You mean, they tickled you before the contest even starts.”
“Yep.” Luffy said as he bit off more of his turkey leg.
“That’s awful.” Chopper said in horror. “How long did they.......you know, tickle you?”
Luffy remember to shallow before answering. “About thirty minutes.”
“You took thirty minutes of tickling just like that?” Usopp asked in disbelief, especially after seeing Luffy’s sheet.
Luffy shrugged as he bit into his meat. “Yeah, it’s was no big deal.”
“You’re really something, Luffy.” Chopper said admiration.
“What happen to Navigator-san and Swordman-san?” Robin asked as the conversation calmed down.
“I don’t know. I was separated from them when I went through my preliminary.” Luffy stated as he shallow his meat. He had already devoured both the turkey legs and was now working on the bones.
“Marimo being tickled senseless is quite funny.” Sanji snickered. “I wonder if he even pass his preliminary.”
“For your information, I did, Ero-Cook.” Zoro said as he approached his cremates. He had a sour look on his face.
“That’s Super.” Franky said happily. “So, you’re in the contest too.”
“Unfortunately, yes.” Zoro muttered.
After Luffy finished eating the turkey bones, he turned to look at his first mate. “Zoro, didn’t you have fun?”
“HOW COULD ANYONE HAVE FUN BEING TICKLED!!” Zoro yelled, his teeth sharp as he said it.
“Don’t listen to him, Luffy.” Sanji smiled wolfishly. “He enjoyed every minute of it.”
“And you shut up, Ero-Cook!” Zoro yelled again.
“Now, now, you should be happy, tickle boy.” Sanji teased as he smoked another cigarette. “This is a festival to celebrate it.”
“You.....” Zoro growled.
“Zoro, where’s Nami?” Usopp asked.
“How am suppose to know where that witch is?” Zoro growled out.
“Oi, take that back!” Sanji yelled as he walked up to Zoro. “Nami-san is no witch.”
“Yes, she is.” Zoro countered. “And I hope she is in tickling hell.”
“You want me to kick your ass, Marimo!” Sanji threaten as he raised up one leg.
“Bring it on, Dartboard!” Zoro accepted. Before the two could kill each other, a voice interrupted them.
“Will you two stop that!” Nami growled as she approached. “This is not the time for this.”
“Yes, Nami-swan!” Sanji said in his lovesick voice.
“You’re pathetic.” Zoro muttered.
“Nami, did you pass the preliminary?” Chopper asked excitedly.
“Of course she did.” Sanji said with heart in his eyes. “Nami-swan can take an endless amount of torture without breaking.”
Nami sweat dropped when she heard that. “Yeah, I’ve pass.”
Robin smiled at their. “Congratulation, Navigator-san. I am sure it is well earn.”
“So, what time do you have be at the contest?” Usopp asked.
“12:30 on the main fair grounds.” Nami answer.
“Well, that gives up about two hours to look around.” Franky said.
“Well, then, let go have some fun!!” Luffy cheered.

Two Hours Later: After spending their time playing the carnival’s game, Sanji and Zoro arguing, and Luffy eating everything in sight, it was time for the contest. It took them a few minutes to make it to the main festival grounds. There already a bunch of people there, waiting for the contest to begin. Nami began to feel very nervous again.
“I guess, this is where we separate.” Nami told the group when they reached the area where only the contestants could enter.
“See you at the contest.” Chopper said happily. The group separated again and Luffy, Nami, and Zoro went to back with the other contestants. There looked to be at least twenty others with them.
“Wow, all these people made it pass the preliminary?” Luffy asked in awe.
“I guess.” Nami said. “There’re sure are a lot them.”
“Okay everyone, get in line.” A man at the front said. “Single file, please, and have your ticket ready.” Luffy, Nami, and Zoro were at the back of the line as they moved up. After about fifteen minutes, it was finally their turn.
“Ticket, please.” The man said. Nami quickly handed him her ticket.
“Please go down until you see your name.” The man ordered as he took Luffy ticket. Nami moved passed the man and was shocked on what she saw. They were now on a giant outdoor stage with a fairly low ceiling. The stage was blocked off from the main fair grounds by a huge red curtain. The stage was line with all sorts of restraining devices. She moved down the row until she finally saw a sign with her name. Next to her name was a sign with a bunch of writing on it. Before she could read it, however, someone tapped her on the back.
“Please, have a seat, miss.” A man said as he pointed to chair not far from where her name was. It was exactly like the chair that was used on her before. She did what she was told and went to sit in the wooden chair. Just like during the preliminary, she was strapped down to armrest and her ankles were trapped within the stocks. The man wasted no time taking off her sandals, leaving her foot expose to the cool air. The man took both her sandals and carried them off stage.
Nami could do nothing, but wait. There were now butterflies in her stomach. She looked down the row to see if she could find Zoro and Luffy. She found Zoro fairly quickly a few rows down from her on the left side. He was one of the few people who was restraint to the ceiling by a long metal chain. She also noticed that both his ankles were chain to the stage floor. His body was in a completely tight position, leaving his entire upper body expose.
Nami looked further down the row and did not see Luffy. She looked down her right side and saw him at the far end. He was the last one on that side of the row. He was restraint to a table with stocks very similar to her. Like Zoro, his arms were above his head and kept in place by handcuffs connected to a wooden pole that stuck out a few inches away from the pole that Luffy was leaning again. He looked slightly tired. She suspected that the handcuffs were sea stone.
She looked at the other contestants and saw they were restraint in various ways. Most were in smilier positions as Luffy, Zoro, and herself. Some were strapped down in more bizarre ways. Most likely to have their worst spot fully expose.
After waiting about ten more minutes, a voice interrupted her thoughts.
“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual Festival of Happiness main event! The Laughing Stock Contest!!” There were a round of cheers and clapping that was heard through the curtain.
“We started out with 250 contestants and of those, only 25 endure to make it into the main event. And with that, I give you this years challengers!!” The curtain was then pulled back and Nami and the others were fully expose to the crowd. A deep blush appeared on Nami’s face when she saw all the people staring at them. They were all cheering and shouting.
“NAMI-SWAN!!!!” A voice screamed out from the audience. Nami looked over to where the yelled came from and saw Sanji, with hearts in his eyes, clapping for her. The others were also there, yelling their encouragement to their entire crew. Nami blushed even deeper. This was so humiliating.
“Here are the rules, any person can come up to the stage and tickle their contestant of choice for up to 10 minutes. Each contestant can have the maximum of four people tickling them at once.” The man explained.
“At once!?” Nami thought in horror.
“You cannot tickle the person of the same sex and you cannot tickle the same person in a row.” The announcer further explained. “By each contestant there is sign that tells you their worst spots and the best tools to use against them. There is a box with such tools by each contestant.”
Nami’s eyes widen when she heard his. The preliminary was not only to weed out the weak, but also to find the best way to exploit all the weak points of anyone who made though. These people were evil.
The announcer continued. “A contestant that either passes out, wet themselves, or begs for mercy is disqualified. The last one left will win 200,000 belli.” The audience clapped and cheered again. The sound of money strengthen Nami’s resolve.
“Please line up to the contestant of your choice.” The announcer said. At that moment, Nami saw at least a dozen or so young men line up in front of her. Each had an eager look on their face at they read the sign in front of her. She felt very expose right now.
She looked down both sides of her to check on Luffy and Zoro. Luffy had a long line of young girls waiting for him and she could hear them giggling when they read his sheet. Zoro also had a nice line, but his mostly compose of older women. They looked to be in their twenties or thirties.
“Will the first four of each line please move up to the contestant.” The announcer stated. Four guys were now besides Nami. Two at her feet and two at either side of her legs. She even saw one of them roaming through the box next to her.
“Contestants, are you ready!?” The announcer yelled. Nami yelled a yes as best as she could. This was it.
“Then, let the contest, begin!!” The announcer yelled one final time. All at once, Nami felt several hands began to tickle her thighs in feet at once. Nami immediately burst into a high pitched laughter. She had no time to prepare herself as hands tickled her all over her body.
The boys at her legs squeeze her thighs mercilessly and sent their other hands behind her knees. She could feels them tickling the center of them, something that she could never stand. Nami was closed to screaming from this type of tickling alone.
Her feet, however, was getting it much worst. One of the boys was using a toothbrush, much like the tester, and was cruelly moving up and down the balls of her feet. He made all type of swirling motions with it as he switch between techniques. Nami laughed and grasp every time the boy change his pattern. The other boy was using the stiff end of a feather all over her arch, hitting all her pressure points. Her toes curls every time one of these point was hit, encouraging the boy to tickle even harder.
Nami screamed in bulked even harder than she ever did during the test from the assaults. These people knew not only her worst spots, but how to manipulate them to their hearts content. She grasped every time one of them hit a certain spot and burst into even more uncontrollable when they would focus exclusively in that area. Her mind seemed to disappear into the pure sensation.
One of the boys got bold and went up to her upper body. He then shot a hand at her neck and began to tickle the nape of her neck. Nami laughter greatly went up when this area was touch. No one, but Bellemere, had ever tickle her there and she went nuts.
“Hey, she’s real ticklish up here!” She heard the boy yell. The boy who was still tickling her thighs joined his partner again and they both tickled the nape of neck. She tried to crushed their figures under her chin, but that didn’t stop the tickling. All she could do was laugh as the boys had their way with her. The feeling of utterly helpless feeling her entire mind.
After a few more minutes of this, the tickling stop, much to Nami’s relief. It didn’t last long, however, as the next group of men took their positions and began to tickle her as well. The cycle continued all over again as Nami screamed in agony.

Zoro wasn’t fairing much better as wave after wave of women tickled his helpless body. Zoro was able to keep himself from laughing though the first group, but the second group had finally broken him and he was giggling uncontrollably.
There were two women on each of his ribs and they were both tickling furiously on the spaces between each rib. Their fingers dug into the tan flesh turning it into a light pink to almost reddish color.
Another girl was tickling the middle of his chest and was torturing his abdomen. She tickled each of the firm muscles there by scratching her long nails though them.
“He’s so tough.” One of the women cooed as she tickled both of Zoro’s armpits at the same time.
“I’ll bet he never been fully tickled before.” The women who was helping torture his ribs said. “That make him really laugh.” One of the girls brought out a tool smilier to what the tester used and began to scrap the long metal claws all over his chest area. Zoro let off a low growl and giggle from the assault. The girl thought it was a cute sound and did it several more times over different areas of his body.
Zoro was piss about the entire situation. He thought is was bad when he was being tickled by the testers, but this much, much worst. At least with the testers it was done in privacy so no one saw him being tickle, but this was being done in front of hundreds of people. Even worst, he had a line of young ladies waiting to tickle his expose body. He had never felt so embarrass and he swore to get Nami for this, even if she was too being torture.

Luffy had been laughing nearly none stop since the contest started. When one group was finished with him, the other group would virtually run up to him and tickle him immediately in his most sensitive areas. One girl would always take his armpits while the others rotate from his ribs, stomach, and feet.
One girl was currently using a feather and was running up and down his armpits, switching between the two. The tickling wasn’t that bad, but it still sent him into a fit of giggles every time the feather pass.
It was stomach that was really getting it this time as not one, but two girls tickled him at the same time there. One girl squeeze the tight skin at the sides of his stomach, while the other one found out his bellybutton was super ticklish. She swirl her figure mercilessly at that spot, sending him bouncing up and down on the table. His mouth was fully open and his laughter unrestrained as he wilted under the soft touch.
The two girls at his feet were also having the time of their lives as one ran a feather all over the bottom of his foot. It would seemed that the fact he was feather ticklish had moved like wildfire among the crowd. She went up and down the soft arch and circles around them. She then would spin the feather at the very center of his foot, making Luffy squeal loudly. The other girl decided to use a firmer touch and ran a soft hairbrush across the defenseless the arch of his other foot. Luffy toes were completely curl at that foot and she sowed the brush side to side against the tender arch.
Luffy was already in tears as he pulled hard on the bonds that held his hands up. With the sea stone handcuffs, however, he was as trapped as any of the other contestants. He could only lay there and take the tickling. He, however, was still enjoying the experiments and despite how he looked, he could take a great deal more than this.

The rest of the Strawhats watched the actives with interest for a good forty minutes.
“That looks kind of mean.” Chopper commented as he saw his crew and the other contestants being tickled to the edge of madness.
“Well, it sure doesn’t look pleasant.” Usopp said. Luffy’s was one of the loudest people up there, Nami’s face was redder than an apple as she gave a cute sounded giggle, and Zoro sounded like a wild animal with all his growls that could be heard from even where they were standing.
Sanji was staring at Zoro for a long time. “That Marimo doesn’t know how lucky he is having all those women touching him. He doesn’t deserve to such a treat.”
“Maybe you should had entered then.” Franky said half jokingly.
“It would seem that Captain-san is very popular among the young ladies.” Robin, who was sitting down drinking coffee, said with a smile. Luffy’s line was nearly twice the length of the other guys. They also began to noticed that many of the girls that had tickled him before would get back in line once they went to someone else. Most of these girls were in line for the forth or fifth time.
“Yeah, I wonder how Strawhat can take all that?” Franky asked. “Those girls much be experts on torturing him by now.”
“Nami have gotten some admirers as well.” Usopp pointed out when he saw several young men that had already tickled Nami before.
“Oi, if those man hurt Nami-san, I will personally kick their ass.” Sanji said with fire in his eyes. Robin finished her coffee and slowly stood up and began to walk towards the stage
“Robin, where’re going?” Chopper asked.
Robin smiled almost evilly. “I’m going to join in. This looks to be too much fun to pass up.”
Sanji smiled. “I join you Robin-chan. It would be my pleasure to spread joy to all of those sweat females up there. They need it after being tickled by all those ugly guys.” Usopp, Chopper, and Franky all sweat dropped.
“Do anyone else wish to come?” Robin asked sweetly.
Franky shook his head. “You guys go ahead. I’m not really into that kind of thing.”
Usopp nodded. “Yeah, I’ll sit this one out too.”
“Well, have fun.” Robin said as Sanji and her walked up to the stage.

Nami was in misery as one young man rubbed baby oil all over feet and used a stiff hairbrush all over her soles. She bulked wildly as she attempted to rip herself out of her chair. Her feet were now a light pink from all the abuse, but they young men continued to come and torment them.
Her neck was also tormented as boys came round and dug their nails into the nape of her neck. Earning squeals of laughter every time they touched that area.
Though her laughter, she would periodically looked up and see how the other were doing. Luffy was squirming like a worm on a hook as girls tickle every part of his body. Nami wondered briefly how he still had so much energy. Zoro was looked like he was ready to pull his arms out his sockets in order to escape the tickling.
Nami lost her train of though when a back scratcher was suddenly used on the soles of her feet, causing her to nearly scream if she wasn’t so tire. It went backwards and forwards all over her now hot feet. The area where the arch met the heel was very sensitive to this new tool and was often the tickler’s focus.

Zoro pulled harder and harder on his bonds, but couldn’t find the strength to escape. He could now feel tears beginning to form at the edge of his eyes. The abusive tickling had taken its toll on his body and now even light touches that would had done nothing to him earlier were driven him crazy. Someone would always used the claw glove and used it all over his midsection, which was now a bright red. His laughs came out a low, almost beastliest sounds.
One of the women mercilessly pinched all his ribs and tickled the spaces in-between them like she was playing some sort of sick instrument. Zoro was quickly approaching breaking point as he laughed to these women content.

Luffy thought he was going to die as his bellybutton was tormented with a lone slender feather. He didn’t think he could be driven to such a point of utter madness. He knew he could make it stop if he asked them to, but he still wasn’t ready to give. Besides, he liked the challenge of wills.
His head head shot up briefly when he heard the man next to him screamed in laughter. He looked towards the unlucky individual and saw Robin was tickling the man mercilessly. She was using her Devil Fruit ability to spout multiple hands all over the man’s body. He had two of Robin’s hands on his ribs and his belly area and she was using her own two hands to tickle the poor guys feet personally. Not to be outdone, the other three women tickled any place that was left open.
Luffy had to feel sorry for the guy. He knew from personal experience that Robin was a sadistic tickler. He was glad to god that he wasn’t the one at the mercy of those figures. He could actually see the look of satisfaction on Robin’s face. It took only a few minutes of this torture before the man screamed out his defeat.

Within the first two hours of the contest, all but ten of the original twenty-five remained. Robin had manage to almost by herself to tickle just about every guy off the contest. Thanks to Sanji’s knowledge of the female body, he was able to tickle two women into surrendering. Luffy, Nami, and Zoro had all manage to hang in there.

Zoro, however, had reached his wits end. The combination of the tickling as well as the public humiliation he felt was just too much for him. After laughing helpless for a few more minutes, he manage to caught his breath.
“STOP!!” Zoro ordered. The girls that were now tickling him stop.
“Aww, he gave up.” One said in disappointment.
“I was just getting started on him, too.” Another girl whined. Zoro grumble something as the officials came to unbound him. It took them a few minutes to undo their own work. When Zoro was free, he was lead to the back where his stuff was.

“Wow, Zoro gave up!” Chopper yelled in surprise, enjoying his sandwich.
Franky was drinking some soda. “I guess he couldn’t take it.”
Usopp began to laugh. “Sanji will never let him hear the end of this.” He looked up towards the stage and saw Sanji tickling some young girl to tears. He was rubbing along her belly in what looked like to be a massage. Within a few minutes, they saw Zoro walking up to them, his face completely red.
“Hey, you did a Super job up there!” Franky said as he held up his bottle.
“Shut up.” Zoro muttered. “Where’s Ero-Cook?” Usopp pointed towards the stage. Zoro turned around to look and shook his head.
“Figures.” He muttered.
“Do you need a drink, Zoro?” Chopper asked worriedly. “You must be dehydrated from all that tickling.”
“Just give me some rum.” Zoro muttered.

Nami was quickly approaching her breaking point as the tickling continued endlessly. What kept her going was the thought of the 200,000 belli grand prize. She going to win that money, dammit. Money was always worth any pain.
Her resolved broke, however, when she felt a hairbrush and a back scratcher being use at the same time. What made it worst was that this guy had been to her several times before and he knew exactly what to do to really make her scream. Her feet were now super ticklish now from all the combine attacks over the pass two and a half hours. Now, even the smallest touch drove her crazy.
Several other guys squeezed her knees and thighs ruthlessly and, of course, the nape of neck was always abuse.
Nami was now nearly hoarse and she could no longer struggle against her tormenters. Every part of her hurt from the nonstop laughter. She had finally reached her breaking point. Even if she wanted to endure longer, she would most likely faint before the contest end.
“Mercy!!” She screamed with all her might. The boys immediately stop. Nami could finally breath normally again. She would never take breathing for granted again. Several people came and unbound her. She had to be help to feet since she not stand straight on her own yet. She was carefully lead to the back to rest.

“Nami’s down too!” Chopper yelled.
“I thought for sure she would just take it when it came to money.” Usopp admitted, not hiding his surprise.
“I guess even that devil have her limits.” Zoro said as he drank another mug of rum. The alcohol felt good against his burning throat. It took another few minutes before Nami could finally be seen limping towards them.
“You’re okay, Aniki?” Franky asked the tired girl.
“Just great.” Nami said as she took a seat next to Chopper. “I just got the shit tickled out of me by a bunch of strangers. Why shouldn’t I be fine?”
“Shouldn’t been so greedy about the prize money.” Zoro teased. Nami looked stun to see him. Apparently, she was so tire that so didn’t even see Zoro until now.
“Zoro, what the hell are you doing here!?” She almost yelled.
“Drinking rum.” Zoro answer simply.
“I can see that, but why aren’t you on that stage!?” Nami yelled in frustration.
“He gave up over thirty minutes ago.” Usopp answer for him.
“YOU WHAT!!?” She did screamed this time and stood up. “How could you do this!?”
“Listen woman, you force me to enter this contest and I did!” Zoro shot back. “You have nothing to complain about.”
“What about the prize money!?” Nami growled.
Zoro shrugged. “Luffy can still win.”
“Luffy is super ticklish all over his freaking body!” Nami shouted. “How the hell is he suppose to win!?”
“Have fate in the captain.” Zoro said as he ordered another drank. Robin and Sanji chose this moment to return to the group. Sanji’s eyes lit up when he saw Nami.
“Nami-swan!! How is my angel doing?” Sanji asked. “Those bastards did not hurt you, did they?”
Nami smiled sweetly at him. “No, they were very.......gentle.” Robin looked between the two.
“If you are here, that means you two forfeited the contest.” Robin observe.
“Yeah, my feet are still tingling.” Nami said as she sat back down and rubbed her still sore feet.
“I would be more than happy to give you a nice foot massage when we return to the ship, Nami-san.” Sanji offered.
Nami smiled. “Thank you, Sanji.”
“Idiot.” Zoro muttered though his drink.
“As for you, Marimo, what happen?” Sanji smirked. “You let a bunch of girls tickle you into submission.”
Zoro blushed deeply when he heard this. “Shut up, Dartboard!!”
“There’s only a few contestant left.” Chopper pointed out as another person yelled for mercy. There were now only six people left, one them being Luffy.
“I guess it’s all up to Strawhat now.” Franky said.
“He better not screw this up.” Nami said.

Luffy lost all track of time as the tickling took hold of every part of his mind. His body was now red and caked with sweat from his continued laughter. He had never been tickled for this long or to this extent.
Despite how long he was being torture, however, he was still very lively. He still buckled, squirmed, and yelled helplessly in his bonds, making the girls want to tickle him even harder. By now, every girl at the festival had tickled him senseless and knew all his points, except one. Somehow, they had all missed his secret spot in his arches. It had been brushed over more than a couple of times by accident, but no one seemed to take noticed of it. It was most likely because he was so ticklish, they just thought nothing of him screaming a bit louder over one spot.
His stomach was being tickled all over the place with feathers, some being dip into his navel, causing him to arch upwards. Chopsticks were actually probing his underarms, creating another new sensation that he was not prepare for.
His feet was also now layer thick with baby oil and paintbrushes smoothly ran across his toes and the balls of his feet. Luffy just continued to laugh louder and deeply and as the girls tormented every part of his body.

Another hour pass and only three contestants remained. Two of them were so tired that they no longer struggled against the tickling. They just laid there limply and allowed the crowd to punish their body. They could barely screamed in laughter anymore. Luffy still remained pretty energetic, but even he began to tire. He wasn’t moving as much as he used to and he no longer pulled on his bonds. His laughter, however, still remained just as strong as it had when the contest first started. This worked against him since he by far had the longest line of the three remaining contestants.
“You know, this is kind of getting to painful to watch.” Usopp said.
“I have to agree.” Franky said. “How can any of them bear this for that long. I mean, they should had fainted by now.”
“Especially Luffy.” Sanji with a new respect. “This must be unbearable for him.”
“It is probably pure will that is keeping them going.” Robin said. Even she started to feel sympathy for the contestants, especially her captain.
“Poor Luffy.” Chopper mourned.
“He can take it.” Nami tried to say calmly, but even she started to get worry. Luffy may enjoy being tickle, but how much could he possibly take? Also, he could only take a few minutes of being tickled on that one spot on his feet. He was lucky that no one seemed to had found it right now. If they did, Luffy wouldn’t stand a chance.

Within thirty minutes, the second to last contestant shouted for mercy and their were only two left. Luffy and a sweet looking young girl was all that remained. The crowd was absolutely ruthless as they attempted to tickle one of these two contestants into submission. Luffy, as always, was hanging in there, but so was the girl.
Luffy was tired, there was no doubt about that. Although he still squirm around, he no longer had the strength to do any big movements. His entire body just became a giant tickle bag and all he could do was laugh. Just when he thought it couldn’t get worst, someone found his spot. Even when exhausted, Luffy couldn’t stop the squeal that escaped his throat when that area was touch. The girl realized all too soon what she had found and smiled viciously.
“Hey, I found a nice spot here!” She exclaimed as she began to ruthlessly run a paintbrush over that spot. Another squeal escaped Luffy throat as he began to used his remaining strength to make a small arch off the table. Another paintbrush followed the first one and tickled the arch on his other foot, getting the same reaction.
At that moment, his entire world became that spot. Word had spread among the girl and every last one of them tormented his secret spot extensively. It was soon found out that figures and toothbrushes worked the best in that area and so they became the tools of choice.
Just like when Nami had tickled him there yesterday, the combination of both pleasure and pain completely took over his mind. His body went completely limp in his bonds and his laughter went silent. Even then, they showed no mercy as the girls dug their figure into his soft skin while other used the toothbrushes on the other arch.
Luffy fall deeper and deeper into that limbo until he lost all sense of the outside world. There was only sensation here and nothing else. He didn’t have to worry about begging for mercy, since he was going so insane that he forgot the word existed. So lost was he in this limbo that he didn’t realize the tickling had stopped. He was still laughing silently for another full five minutes before he realize what had happen.
“Did he lose? Did he faint?” Luffy asked himself in confusing as he came back to himself. He looked around with his blurry eyes and saw several girls staring at him with concern.
“What just happen?” Luffy was very confuse now.
“The winner of this year’s Laughing Stock Contest is, Luffy!” The announcer yelled. The crowd went wild when they heard the announcement. Cheers could be heard throughout the fair grounds.
He......he won.” Luffy thought weakly a smile appearing on his face. “Nami should be happy.” He thought before the world suddenly went black.

Luffy grasp for air as he suddenly woke up. Did he really win or was it all just a dream?
“Luffy, you’re awake!” Chopper yelled happily as he stood over him. Luffy was now lying under a tree with a blanket that was on the green grass. Chopper’s yell had caught the attention of the rest of the crew and they were all sitting next to him.
“How do you feel, Captain-san?” Robin asked in concern.
Luffy opened his mouth to speak and was surprise by how hoarse he was. “I’m fine.”
“You scared us there for a moment.” Usopp said. “Passing out like that on stage.”
Luffy’s eyes widen. “Did I really win?”
“Oi, you won.” Sanji said, smoking a cigarette. “You pass out as soon as they announce you were the winner.”
Luffy smiled weakly. “That’s good.”
“You were Super, Strawhat!” Franky praised. “I didn’t think anyone could stand being tickle for that long.”
Zoro nodded in agreement. “I hope you didn’t do it just for that woman.”
“Hey, he won us 200,000 belli. Although with his appetite, it would be gone within two weeks at most.” Nami said, she now had a smile on her face.
“Luffy, you should eat something.” Chopper said, now in doctor mood. “You should be dehydrated from you ordeal.” Luffy’s eyes lit up with the mention of food, but grab his chest in pain as he sat up. He had never felt so sore in his life.
“Be careful, Captain-san.” Robin said gently. “You will be sore for awhile.” When Luffy fully sat up, he saw Sanji handing him several trays of food.
“You got this for me, Sanji, you’re the best!” He said as he began to eat up the food in front of him.
“Actually, your fan club gave you all this food.” Sanji corrected.
“Fan club?” Luffy asked, his mouth full of food.
“It would seem you have earned the respect of all the girls that tickled you.” Usopp explained. “They’ve been coming for hours dropping gifts off for you.”
“Hours!?” Luffy yelled as he shallow his food.
“You’ve been unconscious for nearly three hours.” Zoro said. “Haven’t you noticed the the sun is setting?” Luffy looked around and realized that the sun was indeed setting.

It took Luffy only a few minutes to devour the last of the food. Everyone went their separate ways to do something before the festival officially ended. Nami was the only one to stay behind with Luffy, since he was still too weak to walk around. He leaned heavily against the tree, his eyes half close. Nami could tell that Luffy would need to sleep for a couple more hours before he fully recovered.
“Thank you for winning, Luffy.” She finally said.
Luffy made a small smile. “No problem.”
“Then again, you probably had the time of your life.” Nami said as she turned away to look at the sunset. “You like being tickle after all.”
“Yeah, I do.” Luffy said matter-of-factly. “But, it wasn’t as fun as yesterday.”
“What do you mean?” Nami asked, turning to face him.
Luffy smiled widely. “I like when you tickle me even more.” Nami blushed slightly at the words and then smile. She turned her back away from him and they both looked into the sunset. This really was the Festival of Happiness.
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